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"Stretching Breathing Exercises adapted for people with severe COPD"


DVD 1 "Stretching Breathing Exercises adapted for people with severe COPD"
This program is more suitable for people with severe COPD and includes many helpful items such as:

  • Pursed-lip breathing to reduce shortness of breath
  • Diaphragmatic exercises/Diaphragmatic breathing so you breath better
  • Relaxed breathing and conscious relaxation for stress management
  • Arm, legs, and trunk exercises for greater stamina and strength
  • Link breathing with movements for greater strength and stamina.
Price: $15 for COPDers, $20 for others ($3 S&H per DVD, $8 for international orders)

These DVDs are packaged in nice jackets for transport and storage and contain helpful messages. DVD format allows you to "point and click" and surf easily.

Who should buy these videos?

  • People with COPD and their loved ones
  • People with other chronic illnesses and their loved ones
  • Doctors, physical therapists, respiratory therapists and other health professionals.
  • Yoga teachers and other exercise and fitness instructors

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