Using CBD Oil For Candida — Does It Help And How?

Candida is a type of fungus whose overgrowth could lead to Candidiasis — an infection that can be relentless and somewhat difficult to treat. Many people are prescribed over-the-counter drugs to deal with it, but they don’t work for everyone. Thus, using CBD oil for Candida has become increasingly popular.

Hemp-derived CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties [1] and could offer great relief from the infection itself and the symptoms that follow it. More importantly, it’s completely legal, natural, non-addictive, and comes with many other therapeutic properties. If you’re wondering whether using CBD oil for Candida is the right choice for you — hopefully, we’ll be able to provide you with some answers.

What Is Candida?

Candida is typically found in small areas in and on the body, such as skin, stomach, mouth, or vagina. We all have small amounts of this fungus in our bodies, and some of us go our entire lives without it ever being an issue.

However, you could be prone to the fungi spreading and overgrowing in your body, leaving you with pain and discomfort. Most of the time, you’ll likely be prescribed with over-the-counter drugs, but they don’t always work. That’s where CBD oil could come in to save the day.

What Is CBD Oil And How Can It Help Treat Candida?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound of the cannabis plant that can be used to treat a number of ailments. CBD oils contain a high percentage of cannabidiol and little to no THC. Thus, CBD oils offer some great health benefits and come with nearly no side effects, psychoactive or otherwise.

Because CBD comes with anti-inflammatory properties, these oils can be used to successfully treat Candida and relieve its symptoms, such as redness and swelling. Some research [2] even suggests that cannabidiol can help manage acute inflammatory pancreatitis caused by Candida. Moreover, because CBD’s terpenes are highly lipophilic, they could possibly eradicate the fungal cells altogether and prevent them from spreading further. Thus, using CBD oil for Candida can help manage the symptoms and the disease itself in the long run.

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The Best CBD Oil for Candida

Choosing the best CBD oil for Candida is critical in alleviating the fungi’s symptoms, and preventing it from spreading further. Thus, we need to take a look at the best CBD oils on the market, so you can find one to help you treat Candida.

1. Royal CBD

Royal CBD extracts their CBD oils from high-quality, organic, American-grown hemp. The company offers full-spectrum oils, created with the help of the supercritical CO2 extraction method. Additionally, all of Royal CBD’s products go through extensive third-party testing to ensure their purity and quality. The full-spectrum CBD oils are quite potent, and will likely help you alleviate the symptoms of Candida quickly.

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2. Gold Bee

Gold Bee takes great pride in their innovative approach to creating premium quality, full-spectrum CBD extracts. With the help of the slow diffusion extraction process, the company creates highly-concentrated oils that come in two flavor options (hemp and honey). Thus, Gold Bee’s CBD oils could help nearly anyone dealing with Candida — especially if they have a sweet tooth.

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3. CBDistillery

CBDistillery extracts its oils from non-GMO 100% organic hemp. The company offers broad-spectrum oils, as well as CBD isolates to meet the needs of each individual customer. CBDistillery also offers a wide range of potency options — from 250 to 5000mg of CBD per bottle. Thus, these oils are perfect for treating the cause and battling the symptoms of Candidiasis.

4. CBDPure

CBDPure grows its organic crops in Colorado, a state that is famous for its high-quality hemp. Additionally, the company uses the CO2 extraction method to ensure the purity of their oils, and rid them of any additives. CBDPure’s oils tend to be slightly less potent than others, but are perfect for those who experience low to moderate pain and inflammation.

5. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs offers arguably the purest, most potent CBD oil isolates out there. The company uses European organic hemp, and all of their products go through extensive third-party testing. These oils also come in a variety of concentrations and are completely THC-free. Hemp Bombs’ oils could be the best choice for those who experience more severe symptoms and pain as consequences of Candidiasis.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil can greatly improve the quality of your life, by managing Candidiasis and keeping its symptoms at bay. Hopefully, with the help of this article, you’ll be able to find the best CBD oil for Candida, and the fungus won’t be an issue for you anymore.

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