Ice Cream Kush Cannabis Strain Review

Do you like ice cream and have a sweet tooth? Then ice cream strain would be perfect for you. This flavored ice-cream cannabis is an Indica-Dominant Hybrid that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. It is a cross between Aspen OG and Bubblegum.

This breed has won many competitions and received numerous awards for its exceptional quality. For instance, the strain was awarded 3rd Place for Best Indica-Dominant Hybrid at the 2012 Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards and 2nd Place at the 2011 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup.

The ice cream marijuana strain provides a fantastic high feeling with its euphoric and motivating high feeling. As you go through this strain review, you will understand why this kush is quite popular among cannabis users, which accounts for its high demand in the market.

What Is The Ice Cream Strain Information?

This incredible strain was bred by Paradise Seeds and is famous for both users and growers. The Indica-Sativa ratio of the ice cream marijuana strain is 70:30.

This flavored ice-cream strain is an offspring of two fantastic strains, Aspen OG and Bubblegum. The strain has the characteristics of both parent strains.

The strain is unique since it has a beautiful taste that all cannabis users love.


The aroma of this strain is unique. The scent is pungent, earthy, and sugary when you break it up. When burnt, the bud has a distinct perfume that does not smell like ice cream but instead gives off an earthy smell with hints of vanilla.


The flower looks excellent on the outside, and it delivers its promises on the inside. The strain has medium size buds. The nug is covered with layers of white trichomes and crystals, which recalls the white frosting of ice cream. It is also laced with red, yellow, and orange pistils on the outside of the nug, which adds up to its texture.


The flavor has an amazingly creamy, smooth blend of terpenes like limonene, myrcene, and linalool, giving cannabis users unique flavors. You can taste notes of ice cream, especially vanilla flavor when you smoke this strain.

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Ice Cream Strain Effects & Medical Benefits

The users reported that the effects start with a burst of cerebral energy from its Sativa side, enabling you to be more creative and talkative. As the Sativa effects begin to settle in, it leaves you with a calming and relaxing body buzz from the Indica side.


The high has been reported to be euphoric, energy, clear-headedness, and usually lasts for a couple of hours. It gives you an uplifting feeling that leaves you in a state of bliss.


If you are in a bad mood and want to get out of that state, the ice cream marijuana strain is the perfect solution for you. This strain is an excellent option for people with PTSD, as the ice cream marijuana strain elevates your mood and can help you come out of your shell.


When that Sativa effects start to wear out, the strain will leave you seated and relaxed on your couch. The ice cream marijuana strain relaxes your mind and body, which helps you relieve the tension and stress of your day.


The ice cream strain will put your mind into a state of serenity and will make you want to sleep. This strain is perfect for insomnia or has trouble sleeping because it induces the sleepiness you wish.

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Ice Cream Strain’s Side Effects

The ice cream marijuana strain is a very potent strain that could cause dry eyes and cottonmouth. Like other strains, if you ingest it in excess, it’s a common side effect of marijuana that can make your mind race and cause paranoia.


Since ice cream strain drys out your mouth, it is best to have ice water near you so you can keep yourself hydrated.

Dry Eyes

Be sure to have a bottle of Visine in your bag when you smoke ice cream strain, just in case it causes dry eyes.

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Ice Cream Strain Grow Info

This strain is rated high for both beginners and experienced cultivators. It is best to grow indoors using the sea of green method. The ice cream marijuana strain is a short to medium-sized plant with feminized seeds and buds that are frosty and dense.

It has a speedy flowering period of 7-9 weeks. The ice cream marijuana strain yields about 400-500 grams per square meter indoors and can produce 600 grams. To get the most out of this strain, pay close attention to the environment of your ice cream marijuana strain. Such as temperature and humidity. If the ice cream marijuana strain is exposed to low temperatures, it will prevent the ice cream marijuana strain from growing and flowering, leading to a lower yield.

Besides the above requirements, this strain can be easily cultivated indoors. It doesn’t require any particular types of equipment and can adapt well to high-stress training. When the plant has fully matured, the pistils or hair of the ice cream marijuana bud should turn frosty white.

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THC Content-Highest Level

THC content: ranges from 16 to 24%, which is high.

CBD Content-Highest Level

The CBD content: ranges from 0.4 to 0.9%, which is low.

Final Thoughts on The Ice Cream Strain

The ice cream marijuana strain is a versatile strain that can be used for various purposes. It’s a perfect ice breaker, euphoric, and potent strain. This strain is best for relieving depression, stress, and anxiety or combating insomnia and depression. This is your best option.

The strain has a unique and sweet taste and makes the user feel energetically uplifted and euphoric. This kush is perfect for those who want to be creative and socialize. It also leaves you feeling relaxed and sleepy, with few side effects.

However, it is very potent, so it’s not the best option for beginners. It’s best to be cautious and use in moderation. Start with a bit of smidge, wait an hour to see how it affects you, and adjust accordingly.

It’s perfect for both novice and experienced cultivators. Due to its high-speed flowering time, it is ideal for indoor cultivation. It’s best to grow using the sea of green method, which yields an average of 400-500 grams per square meter inside. Follow the grow guide closely and pay attention to the environment, or it will not develop flowers.

This Ice Cream Strain Review has given you all the information you need to know about the marijuana strain. If you want to learn more about other types of weed, check out our blog for more details.

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