Jet Fuel Strain Review: Strain, Benefits, & Effects

Jet fuel is a 70% Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain that has strong effects. The genetics of the strain comes from its parent strains, Jet Fuel and OG # 18, which are both known as potent strains as well as easy to grow.

The name of this particular strain comes from its energetic high that will keep you going. Since some OG Kush has made it into the genetics, you can expect a strong scent of that strain. This strain boosts your motivation and is a good daytime smoke. Learn more about this strain and how you can benefit from it.

What Is A Jet Fuel Strain?

The Jet fuel strain is a Sativa cannabis hybrid that has been bred from parent strains known for being potent and easy to grow. Its Sativa effects are dominant over the Indica effects, making it a popular strain among marijuana users.

The breeders of this strain remain unknown so far, but there have been reports of it being developed in Colorado. The taste of the strain is strong with pine and diesel undertones.

The Jet Fuel strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid that comes from parent strains known for being potent and easy to grow, making it an ideal choice for beginner growers.

Jet Fuel Strain Aroma

The aroma of the Jet Fuel strain can best be described as citrusy with undertones of pine. When smoked, the taste is strong, diesel-like, with a hint of lemon. The aroma has been compared to that of pine-sol cleaner, which can be unpleasant for some users.

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Jet Fuel Strain Flavor

The taste of this strain will be strong on your lungs and may even create some coughing. The effects, however, are worth the discomfort of the first few hits. The high comes on quickly, with cerebral stimulation that boosts your mood and motivation levels. You’ll feel euphoric but still relaxed enough to maintain focus on chores around the house or to catch up on work.

Jet Fuel Strain Appearance

The buds of this strain are green and frosty with orange pistils. The leaves are small and dark green in appearance. The density of the nuggets is medium to high, perfect for beginner growers.

Jet Fuel Strain Effects

The Jet Fuel strain is a popular Sativa-dominant strain, mainly due to the energetic high that takes you away from your daily stresses. The initial effects are uplifting, which will help you maintain focus on tasks. This is the right choice if you need help with motivation. As for medicinal benefits, it helps treat anxiety and depression while also acting as an appetite stimulant.

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Jet Fuel Strain Grow Information

The breeder of this strain remains unknown, but the genetics come from parent strains that are easy to grow. The yield is high, which means you can expect harvests of up to 800g/m ² in just 10 weeks outdoors. When grown indoors, the size is average and yields are moderate.

This strain can grow over 6 feet tall and has a long flowering time (10 to 11 weeks). Buds will get denser as the flowering time increases. The leaves are dark green and the pistils turn orange during late flowering stages.

It is best to plant this strain using either soil or hydroponics. It is resistant to molds and has a low rate of disease attacks. This strain can be grown outdoors in almost any climate and it thrives well even during winter months.

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Jet Fuel Strain THC Content

The THC level in Jet fuel strains can range from 15 to 20% which is a high yield. The high will be energetic and uplifting. You’ll feel relaxed throughout the experience but you won’t have that couch-lock feeling. This makes it perfect for daytime use when you need to stay active and focused.

Jet Fuel Strain CBD Content

The CBD level of this strain is low and it’s unlikely to be used for medical purposes unless consumed in high doses. It has been known to help with depression, stress, and anxiety, though.

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Who Should Take Jet Fuel Strain?

The Jet fuel strain is designed for Sativa lovers. The effects of this strain are uplifting and can get you motivated to get things done around the house or out in nature. It’s a nice choice for hobby gardeners and beginners since it grows well both indoors and outdoors.

The effects of this strain are strong and the cerebral stimulation will make you feel happier and more confident. This is a good choice if you need to socialize with friends, family or co-workers after work hours.

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Medical Benefits Of Jet Fuel Strain

This strain is known for its mood-boosting properties. It helps treat both depression and anxiety. Jet fuel might be a good choice if you’re going through a tough time and need some help coping with your emotions.

This strain is also known for stimulating your appetite. This makes it the perfect choice if you need help with anorexia or simply want to eat healthier.

It also acts as an appetite stimulant, which can be very helpful to people who are going through chemotherapy or other medical treatments that make them feel nauseous. This strain also helps stimulate your creativity, which can be beneficial if you’re an artist, writer, or musician.

Potential Side Effects Of Jet Fuel Strain

This strain has a moderate rate of affecting your cognitive abilities. It can make you feel too spacey and unfocused, but this is mainly due to the Sativa genetics in it. Beginners are advised not to overdo it until they know their limits.

There are no common side effects when consuming jet fuel. However, it’s possible for an allergic reaction to occur. If you know you’re allergic to cannabis, then it’s best to avoid this strain altogether.

Final Thoughts

Jet fuel strain is an uplifting Sativa-dominant strain that’s perfect for inspiring conversations with friends and family. The effects are strong but won’t leave you feeling couch-locked, so it’s the perfect choice if you want to stay active during your high.

Though there are benefits from this strain, it shouldn’t be consumed by beginners. It can make you feel anxious and spacey, which is why it’s important to know your limits when trying a new strain for the first time.

Jet fuel strain also has a moderate rate of affecting cognitive abilities, so don’t overdo it if you need to stay productive during the day. The effects will mostly wear off in about an hour or two, but some Sativa strains can last up to four hours, so this might not be the best choice for afternoon use.

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